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The ASHOKA Future Forum in Washington, D.C., May 30-31, 2013 — inspires thoughts about “Karma”

I have been invited to come to ASHOKA by a business colleague, a THOUGHT LEADER who is an adviser to the FORTUNE  100.  But now he is looking at working with more nimble, prestigious, and developing organizations around the world, where I believe his “impact” to the CEO, Chancellor or Entrepreneur will be more profound and perhaps his thoughts will get implemented at a faster rate when compared to large multinationals.

The ASHOKA Future Forum is a conference in Washington, DC —  and appears it is another aspect of the world of IMPACT and also where a RECOGNITION of those who created positive impact for society around the world can share more ideas together.   Founded by Bill Drayton more at  (http://www.ashokafutureforum.com).

What is important to notice about ASHOKA and conferences on IMPACT in general these days — with events such as the Green Festival at the Javits Center to Impact Investing conferences held at JPMorgan and Bank of America — is that there is a groundswell of conversations taking place.  

Those conversations taking place today spearheaded from places like New York City, Washington DC, and London where I have been staying this past week are about what the LEADERS in the areas of wealth management, corporate and industrial America, Europe, and government bodies globally are advocating currently — which is how to attract investment capital from larger pools and resources and where to deploy them.   Large pools, sizes enough to be influential, can be done more easily when there are market based returns offered in addition to creating a positive contribution to society.

In researching Ashoka I learned that it is referred to as Samraat Chakravartin Ashoka – the “Emperor of Emperors Ashoka.” His name “aśoka” means “painless, without sorrow.”   Ashoka is also a rare tree that blooms beautifully in the far reaches of the world.

These conferences are where it all starts, however, with a dialogue, a conversation, i.e., when you start TALKING TO OTHERS and sharing ideas and solutions to problems — THINGS HAPPEN.  

This means connecting and talking at the office, at school, at dinner, on your vacations and holidays.   That is where those ideas can get shared openly, and where the fun ideas, and possibly the great ones start to snowball into something more!  This snowball can be a magnetic FORCE during those conversations which inspire activity that speeds us and our listeners into ACTION!  

NOW, this reminds me of the the SANSKRIT word KARMA, another word bantered about quite a bit these days — but most folks have little idea about this words true meaning is and often I heard his word used to say such things as “I have good PARKING KARMA” — meaning I can always find a place to park my car!

The root word of “Karma” comes from the Sanskrit word meaning “ACTION” — but most importantly it means, to be  ACCOUNTABLE and RESPONSIBLE for your ACTIONS.

I am hoping that this conference will not just be about conversations, but about dialogues of change, where actions are inspired to create solutions that will attract capital and talented resources that will turn into investment returns for investors as well as emotional returns for the world.

More later.

Gregory Mark Hill, London

May 27, 2013

New York leads the way for Impact Investment

New York is leading the way in yet another important stance to combine educating, informing, and making money though IMPACT.

There clearly is a growing consciousness about making the world a better place, we see this daily, the themes are catchy and are everywhere you turn now — the key to all of this is creating the awareness that this is “new area of IMPACT investment” is NOT all simply charity work with no returns or low returns.  There are attractive market based returns to be made.

As I left the building where I was working out at recently — I saw a pamphlet “NYC Preview Guide” where the New York City Javits Center hosted the Green Festival 2013 on April 20-21.   http://www.greenfestivals.org

Perhaps it’s just celebrating Earth Day – Week!?!

However, when you see Corporate Giants like Network Station ABC (owned by The Walt Dysney Company) and FORD Motors and its “Impact Effort” through its Ford Community Green Grant partnering with this  Green Festival — we begin to understand that there is investment and capital being deployed that will lead to create returns, in many forms, such as ROI (Return on Investment) in addition to education, idea generation, and social responsibility, more.

Over the next decade, and starting this year already, you will see and hear about the evolution of many new Private Equity and Asset Management firms — and how they will shift their investment strategies into this emerging area of importance and return significance.

The combination of Business Leaders, Investment Managers, NGOs, and governmental bodies will continue to work together to create more possibilities for our families and future generations.

More soonest.

Gregory Mark Hill

May 7, 2013