The Global Impact Investment Platform is developed by design to attract teams of innovative people seeking to make the world a better place and to get involved in projects that create returns in all its forms.

Innovative people from Corporate, Industrial, Financial, Governmental, Societal, Philanthropic, Organizational, Think Tank, Research, and Educational fields are now engaging in new settings to collaborate and is now focused on attracting the  TRILLIONS of dollars of capital needed to change the world.

By combining resources from both the Public and the Private sectors — significant attention and awareness is created to be part of global impact investment platforms.   By focusing those resources in a responsive manner that the market demands on projects to create competitive, market based returns — capital in all its forms flows to those projects that are high in quality, resonate with broad audiences of young and old generations and lead a way forward into the FUTURE for the new generations to come.

These global impact investment platforms have engaged capital to be allocated by best in class leaders, advisers, investors, innovators, and entrepreneurs to the young generation of students and minds coming out of schools and countries from all over the world today.

These new minds are entering the emerging markets.  Whether they are well established like New York, London, Hong Kong or newly re-established like Shanghai, Mumbai, Sao Paulo, Prague or Moscow.  All with different aspirations to meld together to change and combine what their parents, grandparents, families, friends have shared with them.

This new generation of minds want to create a modern, international way to constantly and excitingly engage through Technology, Mobile Applications, Finance, Consumer Behavior, Social Networking, Crowd Sourcing, Crowd Funding, Inter-Connectivity, Online Learning, Satellite Relays, Rockets Exploration —  and no longer want to follow old patterns and old ways nor only the traditional modes of thinking.  These aspirations are in response to help connect the disconnects among people, friends, families, nations, and society.

Creating significant returns and a positive impact happens most quickly when large pools of capital merge with very mobile, fast paced, smaller pools of capital that are directed to projects that simultaneously share in the profits generated.  Sharing technology solutions across the field, sharing problem solving solutions across borders brings together the brilliant minds in any field and in any country — this leads to the greatest possibilities shared in all areas of the globe.

Contact Information

70 East 55th Street
8th Floor
New York, NY  10022-3222

Attn: Global Impact Investment Platform




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