ON Series, New York City Launch!

The ON Series launched its first event in New York City this month, May 7, 2013, with the esoteric and dynamic subject of BIOSCIENCE.  (www.onconferences.com)

The ON Series was moderated by Rik Willard to bring a heightened level of awareness and reach to a hungry pool of “early movers and shakers” with a wish to share technology, innovation, and collaboration with all who participate.

The ON Series is a new resource for those that need access to new ideas and deep expertise presented in a user friendly format, that is time efficient, and also happens to be at a beautiful setting along the water.   Keep an eye on the upcoming TOPICS — BANKING, RETAIL, TECH and IMPACT INVESTING!

Entrepreneurs and Capital find exciting resources here such as new and seasoned leaders, fresh ideas, and good energy — and this will change how the world uses and applies new and old information to build a better FUTURE.

I look forward to being a part of more of this type of idea sharing, going forward!

Gregory Mark Hill,  New York

May 14, 2013

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